___________________________________________________ Caseworks 13, Reed College 2007







Portland sculptor and installation artist Laura Fritz transforms the Case Works vitrines into mysterious parallel worlds that evoke futuristic science laboratories. Fritz turns each vitrine inside-out, blackening the exterior and mirroring the interior, creating a tangle of convoluted vanishing points. Nestled into each dazzling compartment translucent organic forms appear to twist and grow as their reflections bend throughout the space, morphing and wiggling like nascent thoughts. It's pure perception whether they are moving or not... the psychedelic distortion of the space heightens ones kinetic awareness, giving the impression that everything is in an indeterminate but temporary stasis, and will shift at any moment. Within this dynamic potential, a strange silence permeates the piece... the muted energy of the imagination when contemplating the farthest reaches of space or the curves and textures of the human brain.

-Stephanie Snyder

John and Anne Hauberg Curator and Director of Reed College's Cooley Gallery

































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