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"...This stressing of anti-narrative opens up the possibility of uncertainty, a more active intellectual state, the space of change....She knows where the edges are, liminal territories with room to move. She puts into service a series of challenges in identifying, consuming and silencing the art object." Elizabeth Pence, Artweek, September 2005

"Ms. Fritz's "Entorus" comprises mostly abstract—and, at first, barely perceptible—images projected on the walls and floor.... It was one of two truly memorable artworks I saw during my brief tour. If you think that's skimpy, remember that these days a stroll through New York's Chelsea gallery district probably wouldn't yield much more." Peter Plagens, The Wall Street Journal, May 3 2012

"Apophenia is a scientific term that refers to the feeling you get when you start to see connections among seemingly unrelated things. It's not unrelated to how Fritz produces art in her studio." Johnathan Williams, OPB's State of Wonder, July 30, 2016

"Entering the exhibit brings a wave of darkness like stepping into a haunted house, not in the sense of being frightened but in succumbing to an entire environment of shadows. Fritz actually constructed an entire new drywall to block out the light from the gallery's floor-to-ceiling entrance....This meticulous, almost obsessive detail underscores and heightens the effect of Fritz's minimalist stagecraft." Brian Libby, Oregonian, February 2 2009

"Laura Fritz is interested in the inside of your brain, the place where you process light, make memories and filter out stray things. In your account of what happened on any given day, you may not include the strand of hair that fell across your face, the inanimate objects that appeared to jump at the edge of your vision, the moth you saw trapped on a screen or the cat waiting behind a door. Those stray things appeal to Fritz. . . . Fritz's work seems personal, as if we, the audience, thought of it first, but it is remote, in that as art it doesn't care what we think. Without any warning, it pumps out moths. Three days after seeing it, I can't get it out of my head." Regina Hackett, Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 20th 2005

"Unrelenting in its contemplative quiet, Fritz seems to want to reacquaint us with silence, that unsung casualty of the information age, so that we might see the physical phenomenon of the world—light, shadow, reflection—with fresh eyes." - John Motley, Portland Mercury, January 15 2009



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